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Wanna look cool whilst keeping safe?'ve come to the right place!!!


Founded in 2009 by Gary Howgate, Surestep Footwear has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings. A tradesman himself, Gary noticed a lack of fashionable but functional and affordable work boots on the market. Working from his front-room office, he began by sourcing high quality safety footwear from his contacts in the industry.  Before long, he added work-wear and PPE and the booming online store you see today was born. By partnering with long-time friend and industry expert, David Nash, the company grew significantly. In order to accomodate the ever expanding range of products, Surestep Footwear quickly out-grew warehouses.  Its current residence being a 15000sq ft warehouse in Cwmbran, South Wales.

Our mission remains to provide you with the best value work wear on the web.

Our business philosophy is simple: 

  • Offer robust work-wear that looks cool 
  • Ensure bang for buck 
  • Provide hassle-free buying and returns

We hope you enjoy browsing our product range and please get in touch if we can assist in anyway.