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  • Workwear Cardiff: Why Choose Surestep?

    Surestep are a workwear supplier based in Cardiff and supplying quality clothing and footwear throughout the UK.

    Established in 2009, we have developed key relationships with the best wholesalers and by not having to finance significant holdings we are able to offer the same speed of delivery as the big players whilst passing on the cost savings to our customers.

    We stock a wide range of safety footwear, workwear and protective gloves and we are constantly adding to our product range - if there is anything you require that you cannot find on this website, please let us know immediately and we'll see if we can help.

    We only supply high quality clothing - in all budget ranges - that will stand the test of time and stock most of the major brands such as Caterpillar, Timberland and Redbrick safety sneakers.

    Orders processes before 2pm will be dispatched on the same day and orders after this time will be processed within 24 hours. We offer a FREE delivery service if you select the standard 3-5 days delivery option. We also guarantee all our products and will accept any returns within a 14 day period.

    Indeed, it is our commitment to old world customer service that separates us from the large high street suppliers and international online suppliers.

    Whether you're looking for a local workwear supplier in Cardiff, South Wales or anywhere in the UK, we'll provide you with a fast, reliable and guaranteed supply of your safety clothing and footwear requirements.

  • PPE in the workplace: Why you need to wear protective clothing and equipment

    Businesses and employees have a legal responsibility to ensure that they are following the correct guidelines with regards to wearing PPE in the workplace.

    PPE equipment protects the worker against health and safety risks at their place of work. It is their last line of defense.

    Personal protective equipment can include items such as high visibility clothing, helmets, gloves, footwear and goggles.

    Why PPE is important

    Although most businesses now understand the importance of issuing health and safety instructions and procedures, PPE may still be necessary as protection against potential hazards.

    These may include:

    Foot injury from rough terrain or falling objects

    Head injuries due to falling obstacles

    Skin or eye concerns due to hazardous materials or liquids

    General heat or cold issues due to unstable environment temperatures

    What you need to do

    If you are a contractor working on sites, you will need to have your own PPE to ensure you are never exposed to not being fully protected.

    That said, it is an employers responsibility to provide the clothing and equipment and train you in hoe to best use it.

    PPE and your Supplier

    Choose equipment that is compliant (ask your supplier).

    Don't neglect quality - you need it to be durable and comfortable.

    Make sure that you are choosing the correct colour and specification for the job.

    Regular cleaning and drying of equipment will prolong lifespan considerably.

    What to do next:

    Take a look around our website and you should be able to find the items you need.

    If you have any questions on our products or would like to request any items you cannot find, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Choosing a Workwear Clothing Supplier

    Although we're based in Cardiff, we supply customers throughout the UK with quality, affordable workwear, protective clothing and footwear.

    With the busy nature of our lives these days, a reputable online supplier can provide far more convenience than trying to squeeze in a hurried visit to a local supplier.

    Here's what you should consider when choosing a workwear clothing supplier:

    Workwear can be found in a variety of shops and websites. Although it may be tempting to choose an item of work related clothing or footwear purely on price (and we are competitive) it pays to ensure you are buying quality and durable work clothing.

    The initial cost saving a few pounds by buying a poorly made garment from cheap materials ends up costing far more in the long run in frequent replacements.

    You wear your work uniform everyday. It needs to be of good quality to ensure comfort and value.

    This is especially true of the building and construction trades where clothing and footwear are exposed to frequent abrasion and more testing working conditions. Damp boots and clothes will also be more susceptible to wearing quicker and so they also require thorough drying.

    A good workwear supplier will not only offer high quality, carefully chosen products, they should also be more than willing to offer a clear guarantee for their supplies. This is extremely important as these items of clothing perform a vital function with regards to your safety (whether that be a helmet, hi-vis clothing or safety boots).

    We believe it is better to establish a long term relationship with a trusted UK supplier that will offer you a fast, guaranteed service and deal with any issues promptly.

    If you've just landed on Surestep, please do take a look around the site - I'm pretty sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for with your workwear clothing requirements.

  • Why Safety Footwear is Important

    If you're an employee in the construction industry, and you're fed up with being bombarded with more and more health and safety rules, you're no doubt also aware of the constantly changing requirements of footwear in different work environments.

    But before you begrudgingly pull on your pair of boots before your next shift, you really should be aware of why safety footwear is important in protecting you from serious injury.

    Consider this: over 25% of disability claims relate to direct foot injuries.

    In fact, it is these serious injuries and subsequent costs to industry that has ensured that UK companies have put in place strict workplace strategies and policies.

    If we take into account slips, trips, broken bones, burns, cuts and flesh punctures, work related foot injuries actually account for over 2 million sick days per year!

    That amounts to a huge cost!

    And it's not just the employers that suffer from financial losses. Employees risk losing not only wages, but also any insurance compensation if found to be wearing unsuitable footwear whilst suffering injury.

    And if an employer doesn't have a safety footwear policy in place, then they risk being exposed to legal and financial implications.

    So, remember to ensure that your own footwear and that of any staff is appropriate for the work environment that you operate in.

    And once you have identified the type of safety footwear best suited to your workplace, make sure you choose a reputable UK supplier like Surestep Footwear.

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