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PPE in the workplace: Why you need to wear protective clothing and equipment

Businesses and employees have a legal responsibility to ensure that they are following the correct guidelines with regards to wearing PPE in the workplace.

PPE equipment protects the worker against health and safety risks at their place of work. It is their last line of defense.

Personal protective equipment can include items such as high visibility clothing, helmets, gloves, footwear and goggles.

Why PPE is important

Although most businesses now understand the importance of issuing health and safety instructions and procedures, PPE may still be necessary as protection against potential hazards.

These may include:

Foot injury from rough terrain or falling objects

Head injuries due to falling obstacles

Skin or eye concerns due to hazardous materials or liquids

General heat or cold issues due to unstable environment temperatures

What you need to do

If you are a contractor working on sites, you will need to have your own PPE to ensure you are never exposed to not being fully protected.

That said, it is an employers responsibility to provide the clothing and equipment and train you in hoe to best use it.

PPE and your Supplier

Choose equipment that is compliant (ask your supplier).

Don't neglect quality - you need it to be durable and comfortable.

Make sure that you are choosing the correct colour and specification for the job.

Regular cleaning and drying of equipment will prolong lifespan considerably.

What to do next:

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