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Wanna look cool whilst keeping safe?'ve come to the right place!!!

Why Safety Footwear is Important

If you're an employee in the construction industry, and you're fed up with being bombarded with more and more health and safety rules, you're no doubt also aware of the constantly changing requirements of footwear in different work environments.

But before you begrudgingly pull on your pair of boots before your next shift, you really should be aware of why safety footwear is important in protecting you from serious injury.

Consider this: over 25% of disability claims relate to direct foot injuries.

In fact, it is these serious injuries and subsequent costs to industry that has ensured that UK companies have put in place strict workplace strategies and policies.

If we take into account slips, trips, broken bones, burns, cuts and flesh punctures, work related foot injuries actually account for over 2 million sick days per year!

That amounts to a huge cost!

And it's not just the employers that suffer from financial losses. Employees risk losing not only wages, but also any insurance compensation if found to be wearing unsuitable footwear whilst suffering injury.

And if an employer doesn't have a safety footwear policy in place, then they risk being exposed to legal and financial implications.

So, remember to ensure that your own footwear and that of any staff is appropriate for the work environment that you operate in.

And once you have identified the type of safety footwear best suited to your workplace, make sure you choose a reputable UK supplier like Surestep Footwear.

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